Main starting Information

The story so far…
The city is under siege from all sides. All manner of “monsters” run amok through out the city and most people refuse to admit the existence of any of. Attributing it to the various gangs that roam the streets, which is partially true in some cases. The only real defense in the city are the Winchesters. A pair of wizard brothers who joined the police force in an attempt to combat the nefarious forces using the might of the CCPD. This has been somewhat effective but not overwhelmingly so. They also have had help from Mrs Fredricks, a local psychic.

Some of the issues plaguing the city…

  • The Red Court is seeking to further its hold on the city whenever they can. The Lady M (head of the Red Court for the City) is in a state of cold war with the Fae and the "Werewolves " and actively at war with the White Council as per usual. She is slowly taking control of all the major businesses and is getting a lot of influence which could, will, be dangerous in the long run. This is all bad news for the White Council and
  • The Fae are in a confused unorganized state but that’s not to different from normal. However with the emergence of the Fall and Spring courts back into the world there has been some increased tension in the realm of the Fae and its probably only a matter of time before the tension reaches its breaking point and no one really wants a Fae war happening anywhere near the city.
  • The Pack that runs the dock is lead by Erik and he really just wants to stay out of everyone’s way. Erik leads the pack of Lycanthropes that he keeps mostly occupied with heavy lifting around the docks but they have been known to stray every now and then. They mostly respect Erik due to his remarkable strength and ferocity when they step out of line but there has been rumors of some of the pack who think a new leader is needed.

People of Interest