The Coming Storm

The Road So Far...

Session 1

Play me while you read

  • The players were brought together through various means to the Morning Glory Cafe to meet with Detective Dean Winchester and Mrs. Fredricks who had needed some help with a case since they were busy looking for Deans missing brother Sam. The players accepted the case (some needing more persuasion then others) and started pounding the pavement for information.
  • The case file lead the to the seedier part of the dock district where they all proceed to the first crime scene and did some intense investigation. They discovered that the disappearances were indeed supernatural in origin and the perpetrator was targeting supernatural entities.
  • The group decided to split up to cover more ground. Artie, Akilina, and Sandra went to one of the crime scenes way while Colin, Malthus, and Elle went to another. Artie, Akilina, and Sandra ended up running into Erik Johnsonn (Loup-garu who runs the docks) whom Akilina had meet before and he was very grateful that they were looking into these crimes. He shared the knowledge that the creature that did the murders had been tracked back to the sewers and that a lot of strange and dangerous things lurked in the sewers these days. So if you did end up going down there to be extremely careful. Sandra and Erik got along splendidly once he knew of her hatred for the bloodsuckers, they fist bumped and they parted ways while the girls went to investigate some more.
  • Meanwhile Colin, Malthus, and Elle had been ambushed by a group of small time thugs. A small girl, a big black man and skinny red head. These three would have succeeded had they not chose Colin, Malthus, and Elle to ambush. They were driven off but not before angering Colin so much that he chased the little girl into a sewer and knocked her out. Malthus and Elle had followed him and thinking he was reverting to a true zombie took action to stop him from eating the girls brains. This caused Colin to freak out and disappear with the little girl back to Elle’s car, which he hot wired and headed back to the Sanctuary. Malthus suffered some short term memory loss from the scuffle in the sewer and thus remembers nothing of it. Elle simply sighs*



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