The Coming Storm

Rumble in the Sewers

Session 2

Play me while you read

  • After the incident in the sewer and Dock-town everyone headed back to the Sanctuary for some rest before delving back into the sewers for more investigation. Artie, Sandra, and Malthus were introduced to some of the residents of Elle’s Sanctuary while Akilina went to her room to conduct some research.
  • Back in his room Colin conducted a ritual to bind WT into a pocket of the Nevernever inside a ring and plans on using her to lead them through the sewers to find the source of the troubles.
  • Elle was pretty mad at Colin for the incident in the sewer but once she saw that he was back to not being a crazed zombie she got over it.
  • Malthus thought it would be a good idea conduct some rituals to enchant some of the groups magical items to help in this dangerous area they were planning on going to. He borrowed Sandra’s discus and imbued it with the raw power of fire and created a Rolodex of magical creatures for Elle, which she used on Colin soon later and noticed a large power level of an angelic being bearing the seals of Uriel fused with Colin’s hand, she chose to ignore it for now.
  • Once all the preparations were finalized the group made its way to the entrance to the sewers that Akilina, WT and Erik all thought was the front door of the evil. After a few hours of trekking through the muck Colin decided to run ahead and stumbled across a den of Ghouls. He raced back to the party and a brief and ugly fight commenced. Artie was thankful that all the blood being spilled was mostly clotted and didn’t smell too appetizing. During the struggles Akilina noticed a shadowy figure standing watching the fight from afar. She called this out to everyone and after finishing off the last ghoul Colin took off at break neck speed after him with Malthus and Artie not to far behind leaving Akilina, Elle and Sandra taking up the rear guard.
  • The cloaked figure stopped behind a wall of flesh and muscle that were its masterpieces he had made out of the Lycanthropes he had captured and Uber-ghouls. He turned to regard Colin and begin ranting at him about how he had no chance of surviving this encounter but before he got the words out of his rotted mouth Colin called upon Uriel’s help and hit him in the face with enough angelic shadow force to level a city block. His very essence now belongs to Uriel. It was at this point that everyone else showed up and the Lychanthroghouls went berserk and began searching for Colin. Seeking to protect everyone from their wrath Colin revealed himself to them and told everyone to “get the fuck out!” which they did. Elle and Sandra booked it up a later to the surface, Malthus used a Teleport potion on himself and Artie and the ended up in Azil’s Shop. Seeing that Akilina was the only one left Colin tossed her his Teleport potion and she also appeared in Azil’s Shop. The Lychanthroghouls then proceed to rip Colin apart and eat him. Colin had been through this to some degree before, he figured he would juts end up reforming in the sewers somewhere so he turned down the help Uriel was offering. Something strange began to happen however, the cries of WT suddenly got cut off from Colin, then Uriel’s presence vanished. It was then that Colin realized that his tattoo of the sword was gone from him and this was truly the end of him. His last thoughts were that at least he had gotten everyone out safely and and fucked that corpse bastard over before he went out.



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