The Coming Storm

Remember the Titans

Session 3

Play me while you read

  • The game was on! Lady M was behind everything and she needed to be stopped!
    Artie had mixed feelings about going up against her but a bigger issue was at hand. Mrs Fredricks was insistent that a full scale assault of the M Mansion begin as soon as possible but a few things needed to be done first. They gather up the forces that are willing to help. The “asgardians”, the changelings, and the half demon on probation Oliver North, not much of a problem to get since he worked for Elle he agreed with only a little "Persuasion’. Malthus even offered the help of his order to provide a distraction for the strike team to enter the Mansion.
  • Sandra and Elle were tasked with getting the changelings to help out and after some “diplomatic” “persuasion” and “negotiating” they agreed to help out.
  • The “Asgadians” were a little more difficult to acquire. Artie, Akilina and Oliver along with Dean and Mrs Fredricks found them in a bar causing a minor disturbance, in the form of a brewing bar fight by the brute Arngyr and probably the start of a campaign for the first women president with silver tongued rouge Hela. It was only after Mrs Fredricks showed them both a vision of the coming storm and how they might be able to bring back Asgard and its dying gods they they agreed to help.
  • With the group in place the assault on the front of Lady M’s Compound began and the group used the distraction to sneak in through the sewers at the rear of the estate. (They must really like sewers) Once they found their way into the center of the house Hela broke loose and the fighting began.
  • They fought their way down to the dungeons and slaughtered some of the elite guards there and found themselves in a giant pit under the mansion. Artie and Akilina made their way around the pit while Arngyr, Hela, Oliver, Sandra and Dean made their way to the center of the pit where they found some White Court Wizards and Sam Winchester. while the reunion was happening in the pit Arite bumped into an old fiend, Lady M. Lady M enthralled Akalina and sealed the circle around the pit shut, locking everyone in there into the ritual. Artie was not pleased about any of this but he was powerless to stop her.
  • Hela on the other hand was not and she placed an illusion of herself outside the barrier and pulled of one of the greatest deceptions that the world has quite possibly ever seen and commanded her as her new God to drop the barrier. Lady M, thinking that the Titans must’ve already started coming through from their prison complied, knowing the destruction that it would cause. Then the earthquakes started. Everyone besides Lady M immediately thought it would be a good idea to leave as soon as possible and using various methods everyone escaped back to the woods and from there made their way back to the sanctuary. Looking back as they ran they could see the mansion sliding off the cliff face into the ocean below.
  • Back at the sanctuary they began to regroup. They turned on the news to see if their exploits had been recorded and saw that horrible things were happening, intense storms, crazy deaths and horrifying apparitions and it all was centered around Crescent City.

What in the gods’ name was happening now…



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